(805) 444-2008 concert guitarist Berto Boyd offers private flamenco guitar lessons in SE Portland.

Portland based guitarist and composer

flamenco guitar maestro

Berto performs his composition "Mestiza" (Colombiana con silencio) at the Majestic Theater in Corvallis, Oregon. Berto performs on a 2000 cedar blanca flamenco guitar made by Shelton-Farretta who have been building guitars since 1969 in Portland, Oregon. Berto has performed in music and bands for over 25 years professionally. 

This Ottmar Liebert song is arranged for solo flamenco guitar by Berto Boyd. Sheet Music/Tabs available here on the online store

Berto performs with the Salem Philharmonia on a double top cedar flamenco guitar by Oregon luthiers Shelton-Farretta. Berto has worked full time in music and bands for more than 25 years.

Berto plays Castelnuovo-Tedesco op.143 at the Chintimini Chamber Music Festival 2017 on a custom double top cedar flamenco guitar built by Shelton-Farretta. Berto has been a professional full time musician for 25 years and previously booked music and bands for private parties, celebrity clients, and corporate events in Santa Barbara and is now living in Portland, Oregon where he is focused on concerts and recording.

A little history of Berto and his music. Berto has been playing flamenco guitar professionally for 25 years. He began his work as a music teacher and then ran two music booking companies (BertoFlamenco Productions and Boyd Music Services) where he booked music and bands for private parties, celebrity clients and many corporations. Currently, is the Artistic Director of the Corvallis Guitar Society and the musical Director of Flamenco Pacifico.

One of the projects I am proud to be a part of with maestro Jose Luis de la Paz. Avalon is a Suite written for flamenco guitar and symphony orchestra with orchestrations by Alex Conde. Suite Avalon was premiered at the Miami Dade Auditorium in 2017.

Excerpt from Avalon Suite for Flamenco guitar and orchestra with Jose Luis and orchestra at Miami Dade Auditorium.