Portland based concert guitarist and Flamenco composer

Portland based concert guitarist and Flamenco composerPortland based concert guitarist and Flamenco composer

Professional acclaim


 "Berto's virtuosic jazz-inflected Flamenco is filled with infectious musical and emotional fire. But what's most inspiring about him is his courageous and relentless effort to reach new musical horizons, and the energy he dedicates to his musical community. When I see Berto play I think of Blake's maxim: "Energy is Eternal Delight."    - Jeffrey Muhr - Freelance Editor, educational publishing

"A couple nights ago we went to go see Flamenco Pacifico at the Old Church. It looked like a sold out crowd. They did not disappoint. Every aspect of their show was very strong. Berto's compositions were very nice. His use of harmony was very satisfying and his mastery of the guitar was clear to everyone. The dancers were just amazing. Next time we will sit where we can see their feet better. The percussionists were fabulous and took a couple great solos as did the the bassist as well. The bass was completely tied into the guitars in a really tight way. Portland and Corvallis are lucky to have this group in our midst. Inspiring!!! David Franzen - Co-Founder of the Oregon Guitar Quartet and former PSU Music Professor of 17 years   

“I have known Berto Boyd for over 22 years. I met him when he first took lessons with me and saw a lot of promise in him, although he was very wet behind the ears still. It is rare when a student actually takes your advice completely to heart and really owns it and makes the most of it. Such was the case of Berto Boyd, one of my top three best students and proteges I have had the pleasure of knowing. Years passed and Berto became a mature and interdependently creative artist and entrepreneur in ways I did not imagine at the time. He has since bloomed into a full-fledged and well rounded musician-organizer and leader in his community. He has been the main director of all things Flamenco and guitar in the Pacific Northwest, both as head of a growing guitar series, namely the Corvallis Guitar Society and the leader and creative brain behind his own successful group Flamenco Pacifico. Berto's compositions and playing are full of vitality and passion displaying a high technical level as well as musical substance grounded in Flamenco legitimacy.” - Adam del Monte  - Adjunct guitar professor USC Thornton School of Music Adam is a concert guitarist who teaches guitar lessons at USC. Berto took flamenco guitar lessons with him in the mid-90's. 

"From a venue standpoint, working with Berto and Flamenco Pacifico has been a dream. They promote harder and better than any act we work with and when it comes to technical details and producing the performance they are flexible and know exactly what they need well before we need to have that information. With regards to their immense talent, our venue received nothing but compliments and requests for additional performance after our most recent show with them. I can't recommend working with them enough" - Jimbo Ivy - Manager of Majestic Theater

Berto, I just wanted to congratulate you on your recent performance of the Castelnuovo-Tedesco concerto. I am in the 805 for the winter or I would have come to hear you. But more than just this performance I wanted to thank you for moving to Oregon and stimulating the guitar scene the way you have. What you did to get the Corvallis Guitar Society going is a big deal and much needed in the NW. Your performances with your flamenco group have helped make this art form much more appreciated than previously. Your posts on Facebook are informative and inspiring to other guitarists . Your exercise book is valuable and useful. Clearly you are a fine teacher judging form your work with Raven who will be a fine pro some day. I have been in the NW for almost 40 years and I have seen only one other guitarist move here and have this kind of impact and frankly yours is far greater as much as Neal Archer Roan did to shake things up here and get folks inspired to work hard at their playing. So thanks for coming to the NW and stimulating the guitar scene to be even better than it was. You are doing good things and people appreciate what you are doing. Keep up the good work and jam hard. Cheers! - Peter Thomas - Classical guitarist

Client Testimonials


Berto is a consummate professional - creative, detail oriented, personable. His mastery of Spanish classical and flamenco guitar is superior, and he has a great understanding of how to shape a performance. I have hired him several times, and always been thrilled with his work. What a joy to know that I can hand him my audience and not have to worry - I know that they will get a great show! Mignonne Profant - The John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts

I hired Berto and his music partner Grant to play Flamenco and  classical music for my dad’s 80th birthday. It was a small in-house concert for just our family and it was a wonderful evening. My family loves music, and we come from a long line of professional musicians and music lovers so it was important that who I hired be exceptional for this important celebration. Berto and Grant were absolute pros. Their  music was wonderful and they were also wonderful as people explaining some of the Flamenco traditions, engaging my seven year old a bit and chatting with us in between music sets. We hired them for two hours  (which went by quickly). I absolutely recommend them for in-house concerts. It will be an evening my family always remembers. - Julie W.

I hired Berto for a client appreciation event at our home.  Such  talent!  Having him there upped the sophistication of the event and  truly helped create a magical evening.  Wish I had the time and  resources to do events more often he will always be top priority for  future.  Couldn't recommend more highly, super talented, honored all my  requests, magical! - Kelly Sandstrom - Keller Williams Realty

I generally look askance at reviews that grade everything at the top marks, but that’s totally appropriate here. Berto and his partner played at our wedding, both during the ceremony and the cocktail hour.

I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of the music…my only regret was that I couldn’t simply pull up a chair and listen to it more intently. Many of our guests commented to us how wonderful the playing was. The choice of music was excellent and Berto was very professional and helpful during the planning phase. - Malcom A.

We hired Berto to play Flamenco guitar for a client tapas party. From the beginning, Berto was prompt with his responses and professional until the end. He played a two-hour set and is absolutely breathtaking on the guitar! Highly recommended for gatherings, parties, concerts, and especially any intimate venue. You will certainly feel the intensity and passion that is Flamenco! Pair Berto with Elena Villa and you will have a performance that is most memorable for you and your guests! - Wriik. M

MR. Boyd was on time, organized and very easy to work with. Most importantly, his performance exceeded our high expectations and really classed up our Banquet of 110 people. His skills are unparalleled and I highly recommend him for your event. Thanks again Berto Flamenco! -  

Sincerely Satisfied, 
Joshua E. Newstat
 President of the Ventura Criminal Defense Bar Association



Berto Boyd is an amazing guitarist who will blow your tree-climbing Pacific Northwest minds with his flamenco guitar. I feel confident saying that because it happened to me when I heard him play, and I sort of like to imagine everyone’s mind is as fragile and combustible as mine. Also he looks like a Miami Vice villain which doesn’t hurt. - The Corvallis Advocate

“The Ballsiest style of guitar I’ve ever seen.” - Pink (AKA Alecia Moore) Grammy Award winner

“The most beautiful music I’ve ever heard” - Diane Lane (Academy Award winning Actor) 

“[Berto’s] fiery and expressive music transports listeners to Andalusia, Spain.” - Tinta Latina Magazine

“The evocative sound of Boyd’s guitar transported the audience to the mountains of Southern Spain.” - Felicia Tomasko – The Santa Barbara Independent

Concert guitarist Berto Boyd's Professional Acclaim/ Student testimonials.


Berto Boyd has been one of the most inspirational, encouraging, and down to earth music educators my children have had the privilege to work with. Berto engages a true excitement for performance coupled with a disciplined approach to practice that has developed true confidence in their playing. During lessons Berto covers all aspects of music education requiring a rigorous commitment to theory, technique and repertoire, in addition to encouraging their listening to the greatest players, both past and present. Working with Berto has given my children a true love of the art of Flamenco and he has prepared them to collaborate and perform music at the highest levels. - Bretagne Dow-Hygelund  

Berto offers flamenco guitar lessons via google hangouts and at his home in SE Portland. 

Berto is a very talented musician, and skilled teacher. He is passionate about his music, and is an artist first and foremost. He therefore has high, though not unrealistic expectations of his students in terms of dedication and effort. Students engaging with this level of dedication will find their efforts met by equal dedication from Robert, providing an ideal setting to further their understanding of the music, and develop their skills as a musician. - Jarrod Welch - Associate Principal at Charles River Associates

"Berto Boyd is a master of his craft. Both a student and a teacher of Flamenco, and composer in his own right, Boyd's music is always fresh and ready for the next generation." - Skyler Reed, artist / writer / lyricist