Pink (AKA Alicia Moore)

“The Ballsiest style of guitar I’ve ever seen.”

Diane Lane (actress)

“The most beautiful music I’ve ever heard”

Tinta Latina Magazine

“[Berto’s] fiery and expressive music transports listeners to Andalusia, Spain.”

Felicia Tomasko – The Santa Barbara Independent

“The evocative sound of Boyd’s guitar transported the audience to the mountains of Southern Spain.” 

James Edwards – guitar department chairman / Cal Poly University

“He is a very technically gifted, entertaining performer with a style that is fast, fluid and musical.”

Scott Topper – Fox 11 news

“Berto Boyd is one of those musicians who, while not deliberately setting out to ‘wow’ the audience, succeeds in doing just that… the whole concert was consumed as a glass of sparkling water on a hot summer’s night.” Scott Topper – Fox 11 news